Real Estate

Marilyn J. Young Endowment for Intercollegiate Debate Receives Gift of Real Estate

Marilyn and Michael

Article written by Lauren Martin

Marilyn J. Young, Professor Emerita of Communication, and her husband, Michael K. Launer, Professor Emeritus of Russian, have made a real estate contribution to the Marilyn J. Young Endowment for Intercollegiate Debate. They created this fund in 2014 with plans to grow it over the years. “Our goal with the endowment is to secure the future of the debate program, first by endowing a coach position and, once that is completed, by supplementing funds for team travel and graduate assistant coaches,” Young says.

Young, an FSU alumna as well as a member of the retired faculty, participated in debate throughout her high school and college careers and served as a coach to the FSU debate team from 1972-1985.